Using life skills to rebuild lives

Sodexo Justice Services is all about motivating offenders and supporting them to change lives for the better. We want to create a positive future for offenders, victims and their families, communities and the people who work with us.

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the UK Justice sector, Sodexo has worked with over 20,000 offenders, successfully delivering rehabilitative services that are both ethical and innovative.


“I’M PROUD OF MYSELF”Ethical and Innovative Rehabilitation Services, With 20 Years Experience Working With Over 20,000 Offenders

When Carol’s partner went to court for growing drugs at home, Carol was devastated to get a community order as well.

She wanted to change her life for the better, and Sodexo helped her to turn things around:



“With help from Sodexo’s probation staff, I decided I was going to use my probation sentence to make something of my life. I have always been a hard worker, but got nowhere” said Carol. The Sodexo team helped Carol write a CV, find somewhere to live, get a driving licence, attend training courses and apply for a job. “I now work long days – often 10 hours – but I don’t mind. I’m so grateful to everybody who helped...they‘re proud of me. I’m proud of myself.”



The Power of Community Partnerships

At Sodexo, we believe in helping communities by creating powerful partnerships. We are a trusted partner to the Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS), and we work alongside Nacro, the UK’s largest crime reduction charity. We also work closely with the police, prison service, local authorities, the health service and other community-based organisations - all working together to change lives for the better.

COMMUNITY PAYBACKCommunity Payback Projects are Operated Each Year

We work on hundreds of Community Payback projects in our local communities each year – including graffiti removal, renovating community buildings and improving communal areas such as clearing out church gardens and regenerating allotments

This type of unpaid work not only gives people the opportunity to ‘pay back’ communities for the crimes they have committed but it also brings benefits to the local community, as well as providing offenders with a routine, a chance to learn new skills and work as part of a team which can all help to change behaviour so they stop reoffending.


We manage probation services and prisoner rehabilitation for over 20,000 low to medium risk offenders through six Community Rehabilitation Companies. Drawing on more than 20 years in the UK Justice sector to deliver rehabilitative services that are effective, ethical and innovative.

So when we up-skilled one group of ex-offenders to renovate some local, rundown council properties, we were also able to offer them the opportunity to live in those buildings once the work was complete. All for minimal rent while they found their feet. Benefiting the local communities and the offenders all at once.

“This was an amazing project which delivered 35 rooms, in small multi-occupancy properties. There was no cost to the local council as it was part of the community pay back scheme. The initiative provided effective support to offenders, helping them build skills and grow their confidence, which in turn helps reduce re-offending.”

Former Partnership Manager


At Sodexo, we believe everybody should be offered the opportunity to change. Julia suffered a lifetime of abuse before committing fraud and going to prison. She says the support she received from Sodexo helped her turn things around, and being sent to prison was “the worst thing, and yet the best thing, that ever happened to me”. Julia now acts as a mentor for ex-offenders, helping them start again.

“I know what it’s like to have just come out of prison and feel that everyone knows where you’ve been; the feeling that you are always going to be judged, no matter what. As a mentor, I help instil confidence in people to move forward with their lives. That is my goal.”



Improving Quality of Life by Changing Lives for the BetterIt’s all about changing lives for the better. Our work supports the Ministry of Justice and we’re focusing on ‘Managing Risk, Changing Lives, Improving Communities’ – to support people to turn their lives around, by giving them the practical and emotional support they need to make it happen and so reduce reoffending.

The success of our work shows if you want to get the best out of people, and improve quality of life for them and the community around them, you need to offer them opportunities and support for change.


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