Why sparkling clean is not clean enough

Sodexo’s ‘Protecta - Environment Infection Control’ is tackling the threat of infection by helping entire hospitals move from ‘visually clean’ to ‘microbiologically clean’. Our clinical cleaning services eradicate germs from every last surface, so hospitals can minimise outbreaks and reduce the risk of infections fast. They also improve workplace safety, bring costs down and boosts the hospital’s reputation.

Peace of mindPeace of Mind for Infection Control

We understand that infection prevention and control is only half the battle for anxious patients. When you go into hospital, you want to feel completely safe. You want to know a combination of quality treatment, attentive care and healthy food will get you back home soon. The last thing you want to worry about is getting ill from a hospital infection. So with infections now ranking as patients’ biggest worry, our clinical cleaning services don’t just tackle the biological risk, they also leave hospitals looking and feeling reassuringly clean.  

Global response

Unfortunately, the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAI) is very real. Every year, up to 200,000 people around the world die from pathogen-related infections like MRSA, C.diff or Staphylococci. With most of those contracted in hospital. In fact, when we stay in hospital, our chances of contracting an infection are 1 in 25.

With that risk of infection now growing every year, patients, physicians, nurses and regulators all over the world face the same challenges. The good news is ‘Protecta - Environment Infection Control’ works effectively on all continents. The organisms and infections occurring in various continents may be quite different, but Sodexo tackles them with the same methods of infection prevention and control.

What is ‘microbiologically clean’?

Infections occur in all sorts of places – from equipment and infrastructure to people – and they travel at speed. They’re living longer too. Because pathogens have learned and adapted, germs that used to live for a few days can now stay active on surfaces for several months. Slowly, some are even becoming immune to traditional hospital disinfectants. Proving that only the utmost diligence will do when tackling potential risks of infection. Hospitals need to be microbiologically clean.

Why Sodexo Cleaners are Pathogen ProsWhy cleaners need to be ‘pathogen pros’

Based on Sodexo’s decades of expertise in hospitals, we provide complete environment infection control by focusing on three key areas – skilled people, rigorous standardised processes and superior technologies.

We take this approach because keeping infections at bay involves a great deal of dedicated human effort. In hospitals big and small, environmental and domestic services employees are right on the frontline. 

Our approach is underpinned by comprehensive training, meaningful recognition and a caring culture where every member of the team becomes an enviable expert in controlling infections.

By talking to people about five crucial areas - surface, hand, air, water and waste - we’ve raised awareness around the dangers of infections and ways they contaminate the environment. Because we transform deeply ingrained habits and behaviours among cleaning teams, patients can trust that everything they touch will be microbiologically clean.


High-tech hygieneHigh-tech Hygiene Saving Lives

At Sodexo, we understand that hospital cleaning equipment can often be outdated, inadequate and poorly maintained, leaving germs to run amok. So we’ve partnered with ‘best-in-class’ thought leaders on all continents, while scouring the globe for the safest, most effective and sustainable innovations in hospital cleaning and hygiene.

Take our new Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) test, which measures the invisible cleanliness level of a surface. A swabbing tool takes microscopic samples that are then placed into an electrical device to provide a cleanliness score. Not only does this help medical employees keep places microbiologically clean, it also reassures patients that their hospital is thoroughly safe. Establishing valuable peace of mind.

Saving lives

The benefits of ‘Protecta - Environment Infection Control’ are immense. Hospitals enjoy lower levels of infection, keeping patients healthier. It also improves workplace safety, bringing costs down and boosting the hospital’s reputation. But crucially, it helps people feel safe.

Our dedication to providing ‘Quality of Life’ services goes beyond mere medical technicalities. As with all our integrated facilities solutions, Protecta is about giving people what they really need for optimum health and wellbeing. For patients that’s protection from infection and a calmer, happier stay in hospital.

Delivering Quality of Life for Hospitals

Sources: Sodexo Protecta Brochure



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