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At Sodexo our attitude to building maintenance has always been the same. Focus on the people and productivity will follow. So we looked at the statistics. It’s what we do.

A disappointing two thirds of the people we surveyed felt that their workplace wasn’t optimised for them. And with the average cost of replacing a member of staff at a shocking £30,000 p/p, it was immediately clear to us: employee expectations are changing, and it was down to us to ensure our facilities management solutions kept pace.

That meant offering building maintenance that didn’t just fix light bulbs and repair the air-con, we needed to go above and beyond to create solutions that encouraged employee retention on a long term basis. Solutions that offered employees more social interaction, better health and wellbeing and improved Quality of Life.

“Sodexo is committed to providing solutions that impact the performance of organisations by making positive changes to the lives of employees.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Sodexo UK & Ireland Marketing Director for Corporate Services

putting-people-first-by-developi (Putting People First by Developing Human...PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST

Over 60% of all British workers are now ‘knowledge workers’ (those whose work typically involves the use of mind over muscle), and it’s having a huge impact on the manner in which we work.  As a result, there’s now a far larger need for serious intuition and subjective judgement in the way we manage the culture and the work environment for the better.

That’s why we’ve been putting an increased amount of effort into creating ‘human’ workplaces where positive relationships can impact positively on output. The results have been incredibly encouraging.


In 2015, Sodexo was selected to be the global provider of a facilities management strategy to a major insurance company.

Chosen because of our position as a global leader in Quality of Life services for adults at work, Sodexo’s insight and impact on organisational performance was deemed invaluable to a company that had zero margin for error as it transitioned to a new building in London.

Supporting the move of over 550 employees, the new building was designed to create an environment that served the people occupying it above all else. By putting functionality first we were able to deliver a new workplace solution that drove ease and efficiency wherever possible. The designs and implementation were such a success we’re now expanding our relationship with the client to a global level.

“You pay a lot of money to a company to find and fit out a building. Then you pay the least amount of money to the company that is running the building. But this is the group that touches your organisation on a daily basis.”



Flexible Feeding for Hungry CompaniesWhen we were approached by a major bank and asked to update their workplace, their big question was ‘could we provide their employees with a more flexible catering system?’. As it stood, those employees were unable to access core catering services outside of normal business hours. And yet, their jobs demanded flexibility and availability throughout the day and night.

Providing catering services for over 14,000 employees across 11 UK locations, we installed a wide range of different restaurant outlets and coffee bars up and down the country. Including a high-end, fine dining restaurant at their head office in London. This allowed the building’s catering services to compete realistically with the ever expanding high street market, and still manage to provide healthy meals that would drive employee enthusiasm. In one site our service increased the footfall by 20% and overall the sales went up by 16% on the previous year.


Because our services play such a pivotal role in creating a better workplace experience, our daily focus is always set on improving the Quality Of Life for our clients. At Sodexo our Building Management teams work closely with clients to understand their most necessary requirements and ensure their infrastructure is optimised to deliver them.

Getting Building Management Basics RightIn other words, a workplace that looks and feels great for everyone inside it. Not just the employees either – as an engaging, dynamic workplace is a vital tool in attracting new business relations too.

We work with organisations across multiple sectors to undertake surveys and understand criticality and product lifecycle assets. That allows us to develop an asset management strategy that puts your business on a sure-footing as it moves forward in the marketplace.


That’s why at Sodexo Facilities and Workplace Management - as with all our integrated facilities management solutions – everything we do for our customers is built around delivering services that drive a better Quality of Life. That’s a dedication to creating spaces that encourage a more positive working environment; spaces that inspire and encourage; spaces that feel as though they’ve been designed with the employee’s health, wellbeing and happiness in mind.

Our work impacts more than just building maintenance. It’s about giving people what they really need to thrive – and in doing so, help businesses flourish.

Sodexo Facilities and Workplace Management Services Drive a Better Quality of Life

Sodexo Knowledge Worker Research
It costs over £30K to replace a staff member


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