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Sodexo already provide industry leading security to over 265 locations nationwide, so we understand the safety of any organisation requires a combination of diligence, professionalism and dedication.

But that’s something that can only be achieved with a team on the ground that’s as dedicated as we are. Which is precisely why we invest so heavily in the proper development and training of all our security staff. Staff who are suitably equipped to make the kinds of confident and principled decisions that are aligned to each of our client’s individual cultures.

And with our staff retention rate at (an industry leading) 95%, we’re certain that service is consistently unparalleled in the modern security market.

All of which points to not just a safer environment for our clients, but also one which enables you and the people who occupy your buildings to go about your day-to-day business with no unnecessary disturbances, and a complete sense of safety.

“Sodexo has been a breath of fresh air. Within days of them taking over we became aware we were tapping into a wealth of expertise, backup and know-how.”


The Complete Face of SecurityTHE COMPLETE FACE OF SECURITY

Be it a commercial operation, university, hospital or a remote offshore site, getting the right level of security is a complex and demanding task that involves expert understanding of any number of legal requirements, constraints and challenges.

By designing, managing and fully delivering integrated security solutions that expertly blend technology and manpower, Sodexo are uniquely positioned to align our service delivery to your exact business needs - a fully personalised service.

That means we handle any red tape with the same enthusiasm and experience as we do the security itself. All with a more personal, human-centric approach. Blending high quality electronic services with experienced and highly trained security teams for your absolute peace of mind.

We approach security solutions like this because we know security isn’t just there to make people safe, it’s there to make them feel safe too.


We’re aware that environments like university campuses and hospitals rely on a certain degree of sensitivity to work properly. And so focus on the need to engender a comfortable and safe climate, while still providing effective security.

Which is why - where needed - Sodexo are capable of operating with the utmost discretion.

SECURING A NATION’S LEGACYSecuring a Nation's Legacy

Being invited to tender for four security services at the London Olympics in 2012 (Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Water Polo Arena, St James’ Park) was both an enormous privilege and a responsibility for Sodexo Security. But one that left absolutely no room for error.

On the first day alone, our highly trained security officers successfully secured over 20,000 hospitality guests including VIPS and global royalty for the opening ceremony. In addition to people, our expert officers were also charged with protecting high value assets like the Olympic torches themselves.

In all, Sodexo was responsible for the security and hospitality of over four million spectators at the Olympic Park South. And it’s with no small amount of pride that we can say we played our role in the Olympics’ and Britain’s incredible legacy from that year.


An Industry First, with Sodexo's new head of Security, Jane Farrell Recently Being Elected as the First Female Chair of the International Professional Security Association

On the 27th July 2017 Jane Farrell, the new head of Security at Sodexo UK&I, was unanimously elected the first female chair of the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) in its 59-year history, having acted as deputy chair since 2014.

As Sodexo’s head of security, Jane is responsible for managing over 2,000 security personnel across 280 client sites.  She also founded and drives the Sodexo Women in Security group to promote greater gender diversity and support in this professional service group (currently 17% of Sodexo’s security employees are women). Earlier this year, she won the Transformational Leader category at the Northern Power Women Awards for her work in promoting gender balance in the industry.


Placed in the top 1% of UK security companies by ACS and ACS PaceSetters, Sodexo Security is already the preferred facilities management provider for hundreds of large offices, university campuses, general hospitals, defence sites and manufacturing facilities around the world.

It’s all part of our dedication to providing a service that improves Quality of Life. A dedication we keep across all our integrated facilities management solutions. Because we believe by supporting our clients in creating a safe environment we can also help optimise productivity and efficiency within organisations – allowing employees, residents and patients to feel protected and at ease.

Preserving the safety, health and wellbeing, and peace of mind of the people who occupy your spaces. So they can get on with doing what they do best.


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