Public Services: Who Cares?

A public servant is not just a teacher in school, doctor in hospital or soldier on the range. Huge numbers of supporting workers deliver everything from fresh-cooked meals to clean wards to pressed uniforms.

MS_Image_2_369x275.jpgThe UK Government recognises the value in letting teachers, doctors and soldiers focus on what they do best, and spends £200bn a year to specialist companies to run those outsourced services.

Sodexo is one of those companies. We bring our expertise and pride in delivering fantastic service to more than 150 different workplaces in the public sector, from a school in Bristol, to a hospital in Manchester to an army barracks in Colchester.

Generation Z know what they want

School dinners are shaking off the stigma. Our young generation want school food menus that offer flavoursome, authentic food in a clean, bright, interactive environment or to eat on the go. Parents want their kids to have healthy school lunches. And teachers just want students to return from breaks healthy and ready to concentrate.

With this in mind, Sodexo set up Food & Co. by Sodexo, which brings together new school dinner menus, branding and packaging, with a whole new approach to the school dining environment and experience. This helps achieve the core objective of increasing the number of students who eat school cafeteria food – improving health and learning outcomes and closing the gap between nutrition and attainment.

Small actions make a big difference

MS_Image_3_369x275-crop369x202.jpgHospitals can be daunting. Nights away from your family in a strange environment when you’re at your most vulnerable. In that situation, it’s natural for anyone to feel lonely and anxious, but small actions can make positive changes.

MS_Image_4_369x275.jpgPatient centred care – with compassion, accountability, patient safety and a sense of service – is a key element of Sodexo’s approach to training our porters, helpdesk and housekeeping staff. Our CARES holistic care programme provides a patient-centred hospital culture, putting people at ease as soon as they come through the door.

We run successful training workshops for Sodexo staff working in the NHS, on topics such as dementia awareness, respect and dignity, diversity and inclusion, patient choice and teamwork.

We are one team

Despite the perception of the rugged, hardy soldier ready for anything, prolonged periods of time away from your family can be hard for anyone, even those highly trained to defend the nation.

In providing and fully managing over 2,000 en-suite living accommodation for Junior and Senior Ranks at our Merville barracks in Colchester, our Sodexo team work tirelessly and are committed to creating a home from home environment, delivering a fully integrated service. Some of these services include catering, cleaning, laundry and security.

Our Sodexo teams also take care of all the building and ground maintenance so that our service men and women can live in a high standard ‘village style’ environment, with retail outlets, current food grab and go offers, coffee shops, gymnasium’s and a leisure centre all at their disposal.

The motto among Sodexo catering teams who work alongside the military chefs at the barracks is ‘we are one team’. It’s an essential mantra when freshly preparing 16.5 tonnes of meals per month, to deliver over 1.5 million meals a year starting from just one central production unit on the garrison. Our highly trained chefs also deliver fine dining cuisine, showcasing exceptional standards throughout the year, when supporting the military functions in Colchester.


Dedicated to improving Quality of Life

Our work in the public sector is dedicated to providing services to improve our consumer’s Quality of Life. Whether this is through offering superior barracks catering for army officers, improving children’s health through nutritional research, enhancing patient experience in hospitals, or integrating property management services, our aim is always the same.

With research, training and support, we know a better Quality of Life is achievable for everyone we work with and this, in turn, improves morale, helps business productivity and creates success stories

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