How office workouts are improving performance

With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s harder than ever for employees to achieve a decent work-life balance. So for many, an organisation that includes both under the same roof is a major bonus.

In a recent employee satisfaction survey of one of our major automotive clients, 80% of employees told us they believe using their gym improves their ability to do their job. A further 60% said that having a gym onsite makes them more committed to their employers.

The on-site exercise services Sodexo Healthworks manage aren’t just great for boosting health. They also keep staff happier, calmer and more focused at work. Which, in turn, leads to lower staff turnover rates and higher levels of productivity.

We offer clients a unique on-site gym and health service that combines gym and fitness regimes with nutritional food services. It’s all part of Healthworks – our fitness and nutrition package that helps employees feel healthier, energised and more productive.

HEALTHY MEANS HAPPYHealthy Means Happy for Workforce Wellbeing Programmes

In the past, wellbeing programmes were seen as a ‘nice-to-have’. Today they’re becoming a strategic imperative, with more and more clients realising that a fitness and nutrition programme leads to a happier, more motivated and higher performing workforce.

We witness the results of our programmes every day. As well as reporting lower levels of absenteeism and staff turnover, our clients see a real lift in the working atmosphere. With higher levels of motivation and performance across the board. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help clients make healthy living a reality on their sites.

Our Recipe and Lifestyle Based Programme was recently launched by Matt Dawson, Celebrity Masterchef winner and Rugby World Cup WinnerCHOOSE YOUR LEVEL

One of the toughest aspects of getting fit can be the prospect of training alongside the real fitness fanatics. Which is why our programme caters to the many, not the few.

Choose from daily energiser sessions around the office (or at the start of meetings), full gym sessions, gentle office-based classes or just encouraging employees to get up from their desks to move about every 30 minutes.

Ultimately, we’re passionate about getting people more active no matter what their current fitness levels are. Our goal is simple: to help you create a more active workforce. And as a result a more dynamic and productive one.


Helping us spread the word about healthy living is Matt Dawson MBE, UK celebrity Masterchef winner and 2003 Rugby World Cup winner.  As well as raising awareness at our clients’ sites, the celebrated sports star has co-designed our ‘Be Part of It’ campaign – a recipe and lifestyle programme that focuses on local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Whilst also reducing the use of fat, salt and sugar in our meals.


We know it’s often a sheer lack of time that stops people from exercising. So when a major multinational client asked us how they could entice more employees to its onsite gym at their London HQ, we created a motivational ‘express’ class for them and doubled the number of regular classes. Revitalising the gym space quickly led to an 11% increase in membership – and many more energised, motivated employees.


All this passion for employees’ wellbeing has certainly got us noticed. Our team won the ‘Public Sector’ category in the ‘Health & Vitality Honours’ for our work with the British Armed Forces. By providing ‘home from home’ leisure and catering services on military bases across the UK, in Cyprus and the Falkland Islands. And the Sodexo Scottish Government team also scooped the ‘Healthier Scotland Award’ at the CIS Excellence Awards for their fantastic work with wellbeing and nutrition.

We don’t just receive awards either – we also hand them out. Thanks to our focus on healthy living and gender equality, Sodexo now enjoys strong links with professional football in the UK and Ireland, and sponsors the Women’s Professional Football Association Awards.

As well as winning awards for wellbeing, Sodexo also enjoys strong links with professional football, sponsoring the Women's Professional Football Association AwardsHOW DID AN OLD COMPUTER ROOM GET PEOPLE FIT?

When a chemicals company in Manchester learned its employees were keen to have a gym on-site, they asked us to help find a solution that wouldn’t break the bank. We soon converted a disused IT room into an onsite gym, using the Healthworks brand and principles to engage people. When employees began flocking to the gym, the client recognised its positive impact and immediately invested more money in extra equipment, new classes and an outdoor running club.


We understand not all businesses have the space to install gym solutions that match those on the high street. Which is why we’re always seeking out cost effective alternatives to make our exercise spaces as exciting and enticing as possible. Innovation is key to all the gyms we design with our clients.

Healthy People, High Morale, Improving Performance in the WorkplaceWith the introduction of virtual classes we have successfully engineered environments that don’t require instructors or equipment in your office. Capable of providing on demand classes whenever required, 24/7, they create real alternatives for those who work flexible shifts.

Where installed, our interactive virtual studios have seen higher levels of participation than ever before, all without the gruelling regime of weights and treadmills.


There’s a reason why our integrated facilities solutions like Healthworks strive for such high standards and are so dedicated to providing a service that improves Quality of Life for all our clients.

It’s because we’ve seen first-hand the positive effects of a healthy diet and suitable fitness regime in the office. Especially when it’s so readily available. For employers it’s an investment that boosts employee morale, increases motivation and can even improve performance in the workplace.  For employees it’s a welcome next step in addressing the work-life balance. 


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