Making a home from home

Going away to university is a huge step in a young person’s life. For many it’s the first real time they’ve spent apart from their families. So feeling safe, comfortable and happy in their student accommodation is essential to settling in well at university and having a great student experience.

That’s where Sodexo’s Residential Life Managers come in. Our student services handle everything from the social side of university: welcoming and settling in the new September intake, through to their welfare:  observing physical and mental health, and even sometimes the diplomatic: settling disputes between party-loving freshers and their more studious neighbours.

All so students can get on with the important business of finding their way to the library or even, occasionally the bar.

CREATING A SENSE OF COMMUNITYCreating a Sense of Student Community

When freshers move into student accommodation they’re often leaving their support networks of family and friends behind. In creating that all too vital ‘home from home’ feel, we think it’s critical to take the time to listen to students. To ask them what they need, and help to foster a real sense of community within the university.

A big part of this is the way our Sodexo Student Living team deliver student services and social activities. Designed to encourage students to interact and make connections with one another, the team are carefully trained to create an easy atmosphere where the students feel comfortable around one another.

The fact that the Sodexo Student Living team are prepared to join in and bear the brunt of most of the jokes certainly helps break down some of the initial barriers. But it also engenders a real sense of trust. Building an environment where difficult issues or topics can be addressed collectively, and in good humour.

Resident students are also offered work in the halls whenever possible. Giving them an opportunity to earn some extra cash while contributing to their community. Our Student Living team boast strong links with local businesses, charities, police and health professionals, to ensure that sense of community extends beyond just the campus.


With a tough job market and expensive fees to justify, today’s students need to be more focused on their courses than ever before. So when distractions like leaking showers or rowdy housemates get in the way of their work, it’s vital someone’s on hand to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Sodexo’s Student Living teams offer a 24/7 security service, reception and helpdesk - vital in making resident students feel secure, supported and comfortable. Any repairs or issues can be reported easily by phone, email or Facebook and response times are subject to strict key performance targets. Giving the students more time to focus on the things that matter.

UNDER WATCHFUL EYES24/7 Security and Emergency Response for University Campuses

Beyond the everyday student services, a big part of what Sodexo Student Living teams do is linked to welfare and well-being. Isolation, work stress and the pressures of taking care of yourself for the first time means many students suffer from a range of mental health issues. And tragically, many of these issues manifest themselves within private student accommodation, in complete isolation.

More often than not it’s our cleaners or our maintenance workers who spot things first, their daily proximity to the students giving them a unique perspective. But because we train all our teams to be aware of mental health issues and report them back to our Residential Life Managers, we’re always proactively seeking out any problems students might be experiencing.

Meaning that those students who really need help can get the proper care from the appropriate welfare and pastoral services at their university.


As with all our integrated facilities management solutions, Sodexo Student Living is dedicated to providing services that improve Quality of Life for all our clients. A service that makes people feel comfortable in their own space - giving them the support they need to be the best they can be.

Because it’s by understanding the reality of student life - listening to our clients’ needs - and ensuring our student services create not just great student accommodation, but also a great experience, that we’re able to deliver a service that actively improves Quality of Life.  

Meaning we can deliver an improved physical environment, better health and wellbeing for the students in our care, and a greater overall sense of community to benefit the university population as a whole. 

Sodexo Student Living is Dedicated to Providing Services that Improve Quality of Life


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